Goals Update

Hi there,

As of 5:30 on the 31st of march I have been made a furloughed worker. So no work for me at the moment, and a little bit harder on the cash flow front but on the positive side, it gives me plenty of time for writing and completing my goals as outlined in the last post.

In the two days I have had off so far I have completed my first article the Conscious, the Intuitive mind and the Super-Conscious and basically finished The Journey webpage. So definitely cracking on with this project.

 Although switching from a 9-hour manual labour job to a sat down writing job has had its effects. Mainly turning my mind to mush by the end of the day. It is all good though means I have done a fair amount, and as the say, the brain is just like a muscle the more you exercise it the more it grows.

As ever thank you for reading, and here’s to the next step.

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