Goals: Create content and finish the website.

Hi there,

Update on new goals and ideas, the good news is I am still working 6 days even with this covid-19 pandemic sweeping the country. The bad news is I still do not have a lot of free time. Although not being able to go out in the evenings has helped.

My 3 main goals: firstly to finish the main pages on my website including, freelance writing, creative writing and the Journey. Each with its own piece of content. Undecided on which topic I am going to use for freelance writing, probably some nice and easy top ten tips. They seem to be very popular at the moment!

Working on finishing a sample of my book for creative writing, although I dislike saying a part of my book is finished as I always feel it can be improved. Probably one of the reasons why its taking years to write! 

The content for The Journey page is introducing underlining themes that will come up more often as the interviews start. I have started writing about the conscious, intuitive mind and the superconscious.

The second goal is to write an intro to the journey outlining what is to come and how we will do it. Explaining my scientific reasoning and my not so scientific observations, but I do hope to keep logic and some resemblance of rules to this exploration, so we do not go spiralling off into space wondering how we got here.

Thirdly after this is done I can have a sit-down cup of tea and finally finish all those little bits of the website that need to be looked at. At which point I will be happy to have a running website, the problem and brilliance with that is that just the start, but I will have my foundation for new building blocks.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Hi there Gabriel,

    I am intrieged of what the content of your journey will evolve to. Your goals have great structure! You will find all the time you need! Trust the universe!

    Thankyou for reading my comment, hope this helps!


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