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Welcome to the creative page where book ideas and more come to life.

Here you will find excerpt’s from my book “A Fight for a Fallen Empire” and other creative concepts that I am working on.

Not just my work.

I hope to post others interesting creative designs. So if you would like to post on here please contact me.

Fight for a Fallen Empire. Chapter 1

  Darkness all around me. I cannot see yet I know my eyes are open. My body limp on a cold hard surface, jagged ends push against me. Move, I must move but I cannot. So tired, so cold. Where am I? Who am I? I wait longer for my eyes to adjust, nothing

Chapter 1, Part 3.

          The vast spire of the academy building pointed towards the sky, the smooth surfaces twisting down rapidly becoming more uneven. Bulges bubbled up from the metal as the tower met the roots. Roots that entwined into the outer wall and the earth beneath. From a distance it looked like

Astounding coincidences are all around us but are they just a random series of events or can we find hidden meaning behind them?  The answer may depend on your belief in synchronicity. Synchronicity can be defined as a meaningful coincidence. When you notice something improbable but yet undeniably significant which leaves you wondering if

Julia, Part 1- Synchronicity

Julia was Born in Meddon Street, Bideford, England. Close to the Grenville nursing home which still stands there today, she mentions that it would be natural and a circle of life for her to end up there. This is Julia’s way of being, always in touch with the universe and its nature. She is

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